University of Auckland, New Zealand

JULY 2021 - OngoingDoctor of PhilosophyEnabling Technologies for Autonomous Active Debris Removal

University of Sydney, Australia

MARCH 2016- DEC 2020Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical (space)) Honours and Bachelor of Science (Physics and Mathematics)1st Class Honours

CWAM : 86.6/100

Purdue University, United States                  

 JAN 2019- DEC 2019Aeronautical and Astronautical EngineeringStudy Abroad - Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering , 2019

CGPA : 3.70/4

Stafford International School, Sri Lanka

 AUG 2013 -  MAY 2015High School Diploma in Physics, Chemistry, Pure Mathematics, Further Mathematics 

Advanced level results  : 3A*s A